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Daewoo Egypt

Daewoo Repair Home Appliance

Daewoo Egypt Service center for maintenance of all Daewoo devices
If you have a malfunctioning device, CONTACT US !


Daewoo Egypt maintenance customer service works around the clock for you. The best technical staff and engineers to maintain Daewoo products. A fleet of cars equipped to provide the best service. Branches all over the Republic to provide the highest means of comfort


Technical Support

Technical support for Daewoo Approved Service Center in Egypt, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical home appliances, and Daewoo Electronics has been manufacturing and selling refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and other home appliances for 30 years. Daewoo Center provides all maintenance services to customers


Customer Service

Daewoo Egypt Service Center customer service works around the clock, in order for you and your family to enjoy Daewoo devices, we receive your calls and receive reports throughout the day, you can also communicate with us and submit your suggestions, and you can also report faults of Daewoo Egypt devices through a request for home maintenance call us


Spare Parts

The Daewoo Maintenance Service Center is a long history of expertise and excellence, which repairs washing machines, refrigerators, deep freezers, heaters, stoves, etc., so the center provides original parts, parts, and original components for all Daewoo appliances, a certified warranty certificate for spare parts, customers expect for immediate maintenance at home within 24 hours.

Technical Support

Daewoo Maintenance Center provides all maintenance services to customers by using innovative and unique technologies, with the help of the most skilled engineers at the highest level of discrimination to deal with your devices and to preserve them, and provide the highest efficiency in performance, as we are distinguished by the use of all the latest devices and technology systems, in the work of Maintenance, research and permanent development to reach comfort. Daewoo Maintenance Service Center will make every effort to help customers enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing life thanks to its technology oriented towards the future.

Now we all know that our daily life is very fast, all families have a little time, and all of us have become dependent in our daily lives and in our modern homes on modern and advanced electrical appliances, in order to help us to complete many tasks, which save us time and effort.

That is why we use modern washing machines to clean our unclean clothes, which use a dishwasher to eliminate the hassle of cleaning dishes, and also the refrigerator guarantees us to keep food fresh and healthy.

The Daewoo Maintenance Center team required expertise to achieve sustainable growth and gain customer confidence in the maintenance processes of all Daewoo devices.

Customer Service

The service of Daewoo maintenance center Egypt to determine the most appropriate date to communicate with customers, we are also pleased to offer you a squadron of cars equipped to cover all parts of the Republic to meet your needs throughout the day, and Daewoo service centers in all governorates and Egypt centers to reach you as quickly as possible to maintain the Daewoo device , So as to quickly avoid sudden breakdowns

Please contact us on the hotline, or by communicating with us or by contacting customer service employees, or by e-mail or through the Daewoo Maintenance Center hotline , customer service, 7 days a week

As one of the advantages of customer service is the Daewoo maintenance center, which is to follow up on all customers after completing maintenance operations so that we make sure of the customer’s complete satisfaction with Daewoo maintenance service, please contact us at any time after doing the maintenance process to inquire or to take advantage of the warranty process, as we are distinguished by providing Technical support and advice through Daewoo customer service, to provide services that satisfy our customers

Our customer service team also includes the best qualified engineers and technicians trained at the highest level.

Spare Parts

Daewoo Accredited Service Centers in Egypt guarantee our customers get the highest-quality home appliance that our customers expect for immediate maintenance at home within 24 hours.
We provide the best maintenance service for Daewoo in Egypt, a certified warranty certificate for spare parts, and the use of modern equipment to diagnose faults professionally and accurately to avoid paying more expenses.

We always strive to provide the best, and the approved Daewoo maintenance number Egypt, in order to achieve an excellent service for our customers while giving you a guarantee. We also have a selection of the most qualified engineers and technicians specialized in maintaining Daewoo electrical appliances.
We deliver to your door the best customer service for Daewoo devices in Egypt.

customer service staff respond to customer inquiries and solve their problems and ensure customer satisfaction with the services provided.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers and ensure that what our company provides meets your expectations, contact us. The best engineer of the Daewoo maintenance center arrives to us. Our goal is quality and excellence. You can request service from the branches in the governorates of the Daewoo Egypt agency for home appliances.


Daewoo Refrigerators


Daewoo Service Center offers maintain of refrigerators and deep freezer for Daewoo brand,  malfunctions of thermostat, water leakage, malfunctions of gas leaks from the refrigerator and deep freezer.
It is known that the Korean Deep Friars, known for the freezing power and also for its low energy consumption, and because it differs from any other deep freezer, and is characterized by the wonderful modern and distinctive shape, and also we will find quality, durability, and long life span.
We are Daewoo agency for maintenance of refrigerators and daewoo deep freezer in Egypt, and we have a distinguished team of engineers specializing in refrigerator maintenance and digital freezer.
Our main and most important goal is to save time and effort, with the presence of specialized engineers to repair Korean refrigerators and deep freezers, in addition to maintenance parts for Deep Freezer Daewoo in all governorates and we are distinguished by craftsmanship at work, and specialization using modern technologies.
Our dear customer, to ensure good repair, please contact customer service and communicate with Daewoo Maintenance Center, which will provide you with comprehensive and safe maintenance, as well as maintenance of ice formation in the refrigerator and deep freezer

Daewoo Washing Machines


Daewoo Center provides excellent maintenance service for all products of automatic washing machines, dryers, and handling all breakdowns as quickly as possible for the convenience of its customers.
Korean Daewoo Washing Machine Troubleshooting Center Tips
It is well known the importance of a washing machine in a house, it is an important machine that is useful in every modern house, in order to speed up daily washing. The washing machine has become a useful device to meet the needs of working families who may not have time to do the washing
The Daewoo Maintenance Service Center maintains all parts of the washing machine through experts in maintenance of home washing machines, and provides solutions and methods for repairing Daewoo washing machines. In order to face all possible breakdowns, Daewoo washing machines
To ensure excellent maintenance through a guaranteed service center, please contact customer service and contact Daewoo maintenance center, or inquire send us any problem, and customer service representatives will answer all your inquiries, and we also have a hot cheek to report faults.

Daewoo Dishwashers

Daewoo dishwashers-new

Daewoo Service Center provides maintenance of dishwashers, to ensure that the washing machine works with known quality, and provide original spare parts appropriate for it. And different unlike any other dishwashers
If you have a dishwasher with any malfunction, please contact the technical support numbers at Daewoo Maintenance Center. And we will send a car equipped with original components and a professional engineer for the maintenance of the Korean dishwasher Daewoo.
Do not worry, our dear customer will lie in obtaining original and approved spare parts, at reasonable prices, if any of your dishwasher parts are damaged, please contact us on the hotline, or by contacting us, or contacting customer service staff

Daewoo Air Conditioners


Daewoo Maintenance Service Center, through which you can get the best maintenance, to get rid of your frequent air-condition faults
A special department for repairing air-conditioners, and Korean home appliances, Daewoo. The center is always working to provide original components, to install the approved spare parts from the only Daewoo authorized agent in Egypt, with the most skilled engineers specialized in maintenance work.
Daewoo Maintenance Center works at the customer’s convenience, and we facilitate the hassle of repairing air conditioners, by providing guaranteed spare parts from Daewoo Certified Maintenance Center Egypt to maintain Daewoo air conditioners.
We help our customers with technical support throughout the day, in the summer because we work in the importance of air conditioning in every home, especially in the summer, so intensify the work in the summer, to accommodate all maintenance requests and provide fast service at home.
Air conditioners are devices that are subjected to sudden breakdowns due to their use in the summer and not using them in the winter season. This leads to the accumulation of dust and dust and affects the increase of breakdowns inside it.
Daewoo Maintenance Service Center advises that the air conditioner undergoes comprehensive periodic maintenance, or thirty or fifty days before the summer, to face these breakdowns and not stop suddenly and work continuously and with high efficiency
The technician from the Daewoo Certified Maintenance Center Egypt will change the air conditioning filters, clean the fans, supply the freon charge, and drain the water drainage stream, so that the air conditioner works at full capacity in the summer, if a sudden malfunction occurs in the air conditioner, do not paddle and dismantle your air conditioner yourself , And summon the Daewoo Air Conditioning Maintenance Center team
Contact us through the maintenance numbers available here on the site, or by clicking on contact us, or inquire, send us any problem, and customer service representatives will answer all your inquiries, as we have a hot cheek to report faults.

Daewoo Microwaves


It is certain that the Korean microwave, which is well known, is also known as electric oven, and we know its importance now in most modern and modern homes, and its presence in most Egyptian homes
Therefore, the Daewoo Service Center is advised not to take oath and suggest caution, in the event of any malfunction, or device malfunction, please contact the maintenance center to ensure the provision of repair service with the best safety standards
The technical support and customer support team will provide advice and technical support throughout the day, to receive a specialized maintenance team, and provide original spare parts for Daewoo microwave maintenance, to extend the life of the Daewoo microwave device, contact us at the service numbers for Daewoo microwave maintenance in Cairo Egypt.

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