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Daewoo Egypt

Daewoo Repair Home Appliance

Daewoo Egypt Service center for maintenance of all Daewoo devices
If you have a malfunctioning device, CONTACT US !



Daewoo Egypt

Daewoo Maintenance Center, and provides all maintenance services to customers, by using innovative and unique technologies, with the help of the most skilled engineers, at the highest level of discrimination, to deal with your devices and to preserve them, and provide the highest efficiency in performance, so as we are excellent by the use of all the latest devices, and technology systems, in the work of Maintenance research, and permanent development to reach comfort. Daewoo Maintenance Service Center, will make every effort to help customers enjoy, a more comfortable and relaxing life, thanks to its technology oriented towards the future.

Original Spare Parts

The Daewoo Maintenance Service Center is a long history of expertise and excellence, which repairs washing machines, refrigerators, deep freezers, heaters, stoves, etc., so the center provides original parts, parts, and original components for all Daewoo appliances, a certified warranty certificate for spare parts, customers expect for immediate maintenance at home within 24 hours.

Technical Support

Technical support for Daewoo Approved Service Center in Egypt, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical home appliances, and Daewoo Electronics has been manufacturing and selling refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and other home appliances for 30 years. Daewoo Center provides all maintenance services to customers

Customer Service 7/24

Daewoo Egypt Service Center customer service works around the clock, in order for you and your family to enjoy Daewoo devices, we receive your calls and receive reports throughout the day, you can also communicate with us and submit your suggestions, and you can also report faults of Daewoo Egypt devices through a request for home maintenance call us

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